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10 Wonderful Tricks of Vashikaran By Lemon

Author: Astrologer Sandeep Kumar Posted on: March, 03, 2019

 Most of the people use lemons for vasikaran activity these days. Lemon gives more beneficial solution for health problems. It has the ability to relieve your distress. Vashikaran Specialist Astrologer In Uttarakhand offers effective tricks to clients to fulfill their needs in a short time.  They use some proper procedure to solve issues and make you live a beautiful life.

>> Lemon avoids negative effects:

 Everyone know lemon is a perfect remedy which often used with green chilies in shops.  It is hanging on top of the shop to absorb bad eye and surrounding heat. It dissolves the concentration of a person who has a bad eye.

>> Vanish Vaastu defect lemon:

The lemon tree removes negative effects on your home.  You have to take a lemon, rotate in four corners of the home for seven times and cut the lemon to four pieces. Then throw the pieces to four-dimensional places.

>> Use clovers and lemon:

If you would like to attain success on your job, then go to Hanuman temple and take four cloves and lemon. Then put four cloves in the lemon and say hanuman mantra to acquire more chances to achieve success on certain work.

>> To take the bad look of someone:

 Take a lemon and rotate it from head to foot to seven times of the person and throw lemon as four pieces on a deserted place.

>> Get profit on your business:

If you face troubles on your business, then touch lemon on four walls of your shop. Cut it to four pieces and throw to four directions.

>> Polish fate:

 Strike lemon over the head of the person for seven times and cut to two pieces and throw it to the left and right side.

>> Get your dream job:

  Take four cloves on one lemon and recite Hanuman mantra for 108 times and have lemon with you.

>> Remove disease:

  If someone suffering from the disease in your family, take a lemon and rotate over the head of the patient seven times on Saturday.  Then cut it to pieces and throw to two directions in the evening.

>> To get baby:

 You have to bring root of the lemon and mix with cow milk, then feed infant female.

>> Get more money:

 In order to increase money on your business, you have to take a lemon and go to the center of your shop and beat lemon seven times and cut to two pieces and throw one to forward and other to back.

Vashikaran Specialist Astrologer In West Bengal provides a simple and quick solution to people.  They have an ability to solve your problem by vasikaran mantra. So, just call the vasikaran specialist and get perfect remedies.


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