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Top Astrological Reasons for Delay in Marriage!

Author: Astrologer Sandeep Kumar Posted on: September, 27, 2019

No one cannot deny the fact that marriage is the most beautiful relationship in everyone life. The magic of merging two souls into one is fantastic because no one knows what will happen then. Living the life with full of thrill and love is helping you to come over several issues and achieve more things quickly. Many people are lucky in finding their soul mates quickly and started their second part of life with full of happiness and hopes.

However, it is not happening for all the people at the right time. As a result, they find some delays in their marriage. They have started searching for the reason behind this without touching the astrology side. As soon as you experience issues in getting married or finding the right partner, consult the love marriage specialist in Delhi. They tell you the exact reason behind the delay in your marriage. Below mentioned are some of the significant astrological reasons for marriage delay.

Astrological reasons for marriage delay

>> Movement of Venus

Venus is the planet for love and relationship. If this planet unites with other planets such as Sun, Ketu or Saturn, then it might make you experience adverse effects and leads to late marriage. Usually, delays in marriage come when Venus is placed in Leo or overplayed between Saturn and Sun. These things also influence your love horoscope significantly.

>> Movement of Jupiter

Jupiter is another important planet affecting a person’s marriage horoscope compatibility. This planet affects not only marriage but also fortune, wisdom, children, and knowledge. When the planet is combusted or retrograded, marriage of the person will be delayed. Additionally, it also influences the harmony and peace in the married life of the person.

>> Significance of Sun and Saturn

If the Saturn situated in the seventh house of the person’s horoscope, then he or she will surely get late marriage. The same applies in case of Saturn located in this house along with Venus or Jupiter. Likewise, Sun located in the seventh house leads to late marriage and brings problems continuously in the relationship.

>> Importance of Ketu and Rahu

When it comes to marriage, Rahu and Ketu are the most influential because they decide when a person gets married. When Rahu placed in the seventh house, it leads to early marriage and illusion. However, when the illusion is completed, the marriage gets ruined. This is the major reason for astrologer gives importance to Rahu placement in the person’s birth chart. Ketu is the perfect opposite of Rahu because it is not interested in such things. The person who has Ketu in their seventh house is not much interested in tying the knot and not ready to get married much quickly.

Get love marriage specialist in Mumbai help to get away from these influences and enjoy successful marriage life.


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